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Software development

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THEED Technology offers you an unlimited scope of services in the field of software development.

From the planning and conception through to the programmed solution and securisation of all functionalities, we are your reliable IT service provider.

  • Logistics

    Every customer has their very own specific business processes and related requirements. For ensuring the best efficiency, we develop standardised solutions which however still account for the individual circumstances of our customers. We call this “flexible standards”. One thing is not possible without the other if you want to achieve the maximum efficiency.

    For more than a decade, we have been pioneering and have developed a wealth of experience within the frame of many projects. Our employees are experts who exactly know where and how they have to address individual and company-specific tasks.

  • Ticketing

    In the area of ticketing and access control, we program holistic functioning software modules for leisure facilities of any kind as well as for various internet services.

    We deliver tailor-made programmed shop solutions for numerous areas of application. Whether you need a detailed dynamic (group) accounting or booking office management – our software offers almost any conceivable solution.

    In addition to this, cross-selling offers which increase sales figures as well as the perfect monitoring of all online payment processes make our software the personal tip no. 1 in the industry.

    For cinemas, water parks, museums, galleries or tennis courts – we program success for everyone.

  • eCommerce

    The possibilities of interactive eCommerce are unlimited.

    Every company creates new possibilities for increasing their turnover and revenue by using intelligent eCommerce solutions. Whether you want to sell digital or conventional goods/services via eCommerce – our service competence will considerably facilitate your business.

    However, intelligent eCommerce solutions can do more than just selling. With our competences, we also offer the representation of any conceivable business area of your company. We create transparency and document any desired company activity for you.

    Let our expertise convince you.
    We do not promise anything to you – we warrant your 100% satisfaction!