Service as a secret of success. We make it simple.

You have got a problem? We have got the solution.

Application hosting

Absolutely simple and simply optimal.

You have got a problem? We have got the solution.

However, we do not offer you standard solutions but always individual tailor-made solutions which support your project in the best way possible.

By using our individual application hosting, you will benefit at three levels:

  • Standard software optimisation

    No matter where the IT shoe pinches, we will program success for your company. Even when it comes to further developments of our basic software applications, our existing customers always win since their software is always updated at the same time. So your company also benefits from findings from other projects.
  • Operations support

    In case of disturbances of ongoing operations, etix Services offers numerous supporting measures which are contractually defined with regard to their duration and scope according to your requirements with parameters such as pre-defined intervention times, system recovery times and 24 hours support agreements – or even support management for the services of third parties who are involved in the respective project.
  • Proactive backup measures

    Incidents should be prevented and avoided in due time in advance. This includes performance checks, data reorganisation, the dynamic optimisation of system configurations and the monitoring of data supplies. With a special software, the system performance and integrity can be monitored 24/7.