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On demand.

Cloud services

Absolutely simple.

You want to be able to use your software always and everywhere?

Great – then the Cloud Full Service (also referred to as Cloud Computing) of THEED technology is certainly the perfect solution also for your company.

Our data centre provides your company with the software you need as well as with the related required hardware in a safe and reliable manner. In this, we do not only think of the reliable operationality of the desired systems but also of the safety of all data.

Professioneller Cloud full service - absolutely simple.

When your company or your tasks grow, our cloud service offer will simply grow with you. We call this “flexible scalability” of the system you require – “on demand”, of course.

The special plus of our cloud service offer: you do not have to take care of anything! We take over the installation, configuration and smooth operation of the complete system. You get a personal access to your software via the internet and can immediately use the programmes/services you want. It is as easy as this.

And the costs? … are fair since you only pay for the service you actually use.