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For your requirements there's one solution.

Tailored to your business. Geared up to your success.
It's just that simple.

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For more than a decade Theed Technology is developing tailor-made software solutions.

Theed Technology has been developing tailor-made software solutions for more than a decade, now.
The modules we create are successfully used all over the world.
A special partial area of our expertise is the development of advanced logistic applications.
For example, we monitor the complete flow of materials and goods within and out of a company.

We provide the following three supreme disciplines:

We get IT done.
It's that simple.
Our software solutions.

Focus on the customer.

High flexibility and tailor-made IT solutions are the basis for our success.

Just use our competences and experience in the development of professional user solutions.

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Secret is: service. We just do IT.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Competent support, monitoring and maintenance of software products.

We support you in a committed and professional manner with regard to any technical and organisational tasks when dealing with IT solutions.

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Centrally organized.
On demand.

Stay flexible!

Holistic IT structures, server, memory and software – all organised in a central and dynamic manner.

Our philosophy is “Services on demand”. Quick response times guarantee your success.

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Logistics. Holistic.

A strong partner at your side.

In principle, every company process must be regarded as a partial discipline of logistics. The organisation of the logistics must be logical and it must be possible to examine the underlying process.

The reason for this is that logistic processes are incomprehensible for the individual participants in the process in their entirety. Therefore, central data transparency is necessary for ensuring smooth operation.

We, the team of Theed Technology, have been dealing with the development of practically useful logistic tools for more than a decade, now.

We, the team of Theed Technology, have been dealing with the development of practically useful logistic tools for more than a decade, now.

Tell us what you want and we will carry out the analysis, conception, development, implementation and evaluation in their entirety. We are always there for our customers up to the successful use and even beyond that. The software created by us is successfully used by internationally acting groups but also by small companies all over the world.

eCommerce. Limitless.

Achieving sustainability through innovation.

The possibilities of interactive eCommerce are unlimited. Every company creates new possibilities for increasing their turnover and revenue by using intelligent eCommerce solutions.

Whether you want to sell digital or conventional goods/services via eCommerce – our service competence will considerably facilitate your business.

However, intelligent eCommerce solutions can do more than just selling. With our competences, we also offer the representation of any conceivable business area of your company.

We create transparency and document any desired company activity for you.

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Ticketing. Today.

Innovative solutions from the experts.

Theed Technology offers your company excellent system solutions in the area of ticketing and access control for leisure facilities of any kind as well as innovative internet services.

We deliver tailor-made programmed shop solutions for the most various areas of application.

Whether you need a detailed dynamic group accounting or booking office management – our software offers almost any conceivable solution. In addition to this, cross-selling offers which increase sales figures as well as the perfect monitoring of all online payment processes make our shop software the personal tip no. 1 in the industry.

For cinemas, water parks, museums, galleries or tennis courts – we program success for everyone.